Saunders County Tax Assessor

Saunders Tax Assessor offices are responsible to carry out the mandate of Nebraska in Saunders county. The law mandates that all real properties are subject to taxation unless exemption is imposed. Tax assessments are necessary in support to the required services to NE residents. Tax assessments go to services such as those provided for law enforcement, education, fire protection, parks and recreation, and many more.

The Saunders county directory portal for local tax assessor offices provides a comprehensive guide to the public. The site includes the name of the assigned tax assessor office for easy reference and related transaction.

Saunders Tax Assessor: Saunders County Assessor

Tax Assessor Office Address: 433 North Chestnut St., Suite 200, Wahoo, NE 68066

Phone: (402)443-5703

Fax: (402)443-5708


Zip Code: 402

Office Hours: Central

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The Saunders county, NE tax assessor office provides the necessary services to estimate the real property value within its jurisdiction. The property value is an essential component in computing the property tax bills. The Saunders tax assessor office is also tasked to provide supplemental bills, business property taxes, and other vital information for transparency.

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