Winston-Salem Tax Assessor Offices

Winston-Salem tax assessor office in Winston-Salem, North Carolina maintains the assessment of real properties in its area of jurisdiction. The components of a tax assessment include the physical description and inventory of the subject area. It also includes the value estimate of each parcel of land in an up-to-date manner. The office of the tax assessor in Winston-Salem conducts an annual analysis of the properties in order to determine changes in certain assessments if there are any.

Winston-Salem Tax Assessor Overview

It is the duty and responsibility of the Winston-Salem tax assessor office to provide transparent information to the public regarding tax processes and appraisals. The directory portal provides updated information of the local tax assessor and tax office for the reference of Winston-Salem taxpayers:

Winston-Salem Tax Assessor: Forsyth County Assessor

Tax Assessor Office Address: 201 North Chestnut St., Winston-Salem, NC 27102

Phone: (336)703-2300

Fax: (336)727-2369


Zip Code: 336

Office Hours: Eastern

Why keep in touch with your local NC tax office?

Knowing the current value of your property is essential for your tax payment obligations. Tax assessment helps determine how much you need to pay for your property taxes. It is also important in case you put your property up for sale. For more details, call or visit your Winston-Salem tax assessor office today.