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What Does The Tax Assessor Do?

The Tax Assessor officesare obligated to assess real properties within its jurisdictions at a uniform market value percentage per year. The tax assessment should be current thus the tax assessor conducts a yearly evaluation and analysis of the properties. There may be possible increase or decrease of the assessment, depending on the real estate market trends that affect the subject property.

Compliance with your tax obligation starts with getting your current tax information. A directory portal of the local Tax Assessor office.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tax Assessor

Different states follow their respective rules about tax assessment processes. The local Tax Assessor and office also complies with the mandates of the state they belong to. Here are some of the FAQs regarding Tax Assessments:

Do you let a tax assessor into your home?

According to the local tax assessment rules, the assessor maintains the right to seek admittance into the property. However, it is still the prerogative of the property owner to let the assessor into the property for inspection or assessment.

What are the other duties and responsibilities of a tax assessor?

The Tax Assessor also performs administrative functions such as inspection of a new construction. The assessor also looks into other major improvements being done to any existing structures. The purpose of the inspection is to keep current the physical inventory of a particular property. All improvements must also be properly assessed to update the property's value.

How do you inquire or address tax assessment related concerns?

Your local Tax Assessor continually communicates with taxpaying public. They answer questions as well as deal with related concerns. Anyone is allowed to examine property records and assessment rolls at normal office hours.


Star City Tax Assessor

Address: 300 South Drew St., Star City, AR 71667

Phone: (870)628-4401

Fax: (870)628-6595

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Salinas Tax Assessor

Address: 168 West Alisal St., Salinas, CA 93902

Phone: (831) 755-5035

Fax: N/A

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Rexburg Tax Assessor

Address: 134 East Main St., Rexburg, ID 83440

Phone: (208) 359-6200, Option 3

Fax: (208) 359-0856

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Kankakee Tax Assessor

Address: Kankakee County Administration Building, 1st Floor, 189 East Court St., Kankakee, IL 60901

Phone: (815)937-2945

Fax: (815)937-2946

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