Where Can I Find Property Tax Records

Obtaining property tax records is instrumental when you need to acquire a new piece of property. The last thing you need is to buy a property entangled in all manner of tax cases which you might ultimately inherit and weigh down on you financially. At this time and age, it is only the ignorant and the uneducated that will go ahead and make purchases or get into real estate transactions without the full tax history of the property they are interested in.

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The following are some of the places you can turn to if you need the tax records of a given property or you would just like to know more about the property before you commit to purchasing it-:

Public Records

Every city has a place where members of the public can go to and search for various information in the different types of property found in that city or state. Such records are usually maintained at the county court house, the city hall or the county recorder. For such offices, members of the public can have access to different records such as property deeds, encumbrances as well as tax records of various properties.

Property search on the internet

The internet has also increased the efficiency in obtaining property records. Many counties in the United States have dedicated portals for properties. From these portals, users can have a wealth of information on different properties within the city and tax records are also made available on such places. The portals are intuitively designed to make it easy for the less tech savvy users to take advantage of them as well. Some of the information you can get from such portals include the parcel or the tax ID number of properties, names of the property owners as well as the amount of present taxes and if there are any outstanding taxes not yet paid.

Title Company Property Search

The other place where you can find property tax records is at the local title company. All you have to do is to give a call to the Title Company and request to speak with customer service, whom you can then make your inquiry to. From such places, you can get property information such as copies of property deeds, mortgages, and the name of the owner, tax records and any judgments or liens which might be attached to the property.